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Lutz Garmsen


media art











Drawing Animation


for a software-concept presentation / Daegu / Korea / 2014



and visual concept for the short film "Transfer by Hyonok Kim / Daegu / Korea / 2014


dramaturgical and technical consulting, project management,
layout special effects compositing

"Mir fehlt nichts" / short animated film / by Petra Lottje / 2014



"Heute fängt ein neues Leben an" short film / by Petra Lottje / 2012



of the four photographic works for "Berlin Ring Cycle"
by Thea Costantino, Tarryn Gill and Pilar Mata Dupont (Hold Your Horses") / 2012


for a documentation of a performance by Ellen Kobe / short film / 2012

for Fridge Affair
group project of the European animation Masterclass / short animated film / 2007

camera consulting
for "Der Blaue Admiral" by Dieter Reifarth strandfilm production 2007

logo animation
for the BigSmallPeople-Project
(international animation academies produced short films about childrens rights) 2006

technical and dramaturgical consulting and film recording on 35mm
for "Gruen" by Kyne Uhlig and Nikolaus Hillebrand 2006
production: niki-bilder
Praedikat „Besonders wertvoll“

special effects consulting and animation puppet making and collages for an exhibition for the film „Neandertal“ by Ingo Haeb
Peter Rommel Productions / Berlin

2003 - 2006
time lapse photography
of the construction site of KHM-Cologne

time lapse photography for „Die Novizin“
director: Anno Saul
ZDF- Kleines Fernsehspiel, Super-16, colour
production Telefilm Saar

animation-supervisor for "Silverstar" by Harry Flöter and Jörg Siepmann
short film, 35mm, colour
animation of 100 dancing trolleys
coordination and supervision of the team of animators
production: Two Pilots, Cologne
audience award and special merits at the 16. international Hamburg short film-festival 2000
FBW-Praedikat „Besonders wertvoll“

time lapse photography for "Grüne Wüste"
director Anno Saul
feature film, 35mm, colour

editing and special effects for a video-tryptichon for Daimler-Benz at automobilsalon in Paris / France.
(production: Meso / Frankfurt am Main


stop motion-camera and animation
for "Käufer gesucht" by Irmhild Gumm
short film, 35mm, colour


stop motion-animation and animation-camera
for "Media Magica" by Werner Nekes documentation 35mm, colour


special effects
for "Cut" by Andreas Grieshaber
short film, 35mm, b/w, 10min

animation-camera and photoanimation
for "Die Düne" by Dieter Reifarth
short film, 35mm, colour, strandfilm production
Bundesfilmpreis in Silber
FBW-Praedikat besonders wertvoll

animation-camera and photoanimation
for "Die Fabrik" by Dieter Reifarth
short film, 35mm, colour, strandfilm production
FBW-Praedikat besonders wertvoll

conception of a dream-sequence and optical printing for “Paul Bowles Halbmond” by Frieder Schlaich and Irene by Alberti
feature film, 35mm, colour, Filmgalerie 451
price of the German film critics
FBW-Praedikat wertvoll
Best feature film 1995 (AG der Deutschen Filmjournalisten)

camera and animation
for "Friseursalon" by Sibylle Hofter
short film, 35mm, colour
FBW-Praedikat besonders wertvoll


stop motion-camera,
film-recording of the CG-animation and optical printing
for "Aufstand der Dinge" by Hellmuth Costard
feature film, 35mm, colour
production: B-pictures, Oberhausen

optical printing and animated titles for "Herzblatt" by Bert Schmidt
short film, 35mm, colour, strandfilm production
FBW-Praedikat wertvoll

freelancing at Cinegraphik Helmut Herbst
(animated titles, optical printing, animation etc.)


2. camera for "Die Serpentintänzerin" by Helmut Herbst
feature film, 35mm, colour and b/w, 86min, Dragon-Cine
conception and production of silent film parts

lighting and camera-assistence for Mathias Tschiedel
for "Sendung mit der Maus", JM Filmproduction, Heidelberg
Betacam, colour


camera and lighting
for "Sid and Jane" by David Promies and Nina Einsele
short-film, 16mm, b/w, 20 min


underwater-camera-assistence for "Natale" by Ralf Malwitz and Martin Kirchberger
feature film, 16mm, s/w, 45min
production: Cinema Concetta. Rüsselsheim / Germany

animation-camera for "Löwenzahn"
production: Triton-Film, Schriesheim