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audiovisual performance

(variable duration)

Cracks is a project conceived by Lutz Garmsen for interactive video and any number of improvising musicians. Audio undergoes spectral analysis in real time, directly influencing the transformation of both existing and live recorded images. Garmsen injects an intermediary layer of processing, functioning as a "VJ" and reacting to both the data received and the live performance. In turn, the musicians respond to the video generated, thereby setting in motion an ever-evolving feedback loop.

The title refers to the use of photos taken in Daegu of cracks along various surfaces as source material, the cracking, brittle sounds produced by the performers, and the proverbial fissure between the audio and video domains.

This evening's concert features one of multiple possible realizations of this project.

(Prof. Alexander Sigman / Keimyung University / Daegu / Korea )


"Cracks (II)" on may 30th 2014
at the inaugural Daegu Music and Media Society (DMMS) event
Haedam Concert Hall, Keimyung University, Daegu


"Cracks (I)" on may 25th 2014 in Daegu City Hall / Chamber Hall on the opening concert of the
"Daegu Contemporary Music Festival"

Alexander Sigman (laptop)
Kevin Parks (guitar and objects)
Lutz Garmsen (laptop, vvvv and video projector)