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Lutz Garmsen


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Lutz Garmsen


foto : Lutz Garmsen

born 1964 in Wuppertal / Germany

1985 - 1992
studied film at "Hochschule für Gestaltung" in Offenbach / Germany.
attended courses given by Carlos Bustamante, Urs Breitenstein and Herbert Heckmann
and workshops given by Elfi Mikesch, Jan Schütte and Tevfik Baser.

1992 graduation in design and visual communication (German "Diplom")

member of LULUfilm (1993 - 2010)

filmmaker, media artist, aparatus manufacturer, cameraman and animator

from 1994 until present making experimental film, animation, media art and commissioned work,
consulting media projects and teaching at various academies and universities

ship chronometer


sometimes it flickers, but it never moves

Most of the stuff I do has to do with so called "moving images". The movement is actually not in the images, it is in the mind. What we see are still images. Perception tells us they move because it seems logical.

Our perception prefers logic to truth.

I find that very fascinating ...