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Congratulations Lutz! Your film is in the MAshRome Film Fest competition!


Dear Elda,

I did not find my Film "Sirens" in the Official schedule of MAshRome film fest.
Can you find out when it will be screened ?


Lutz Garmsen


Dear Lutz,

we initially included your film in our first selection because we liked the concept, script and direction.

Afterwards, unfortunately we had to revise the selection and we picked out the more experimental and contaminated works, because of this we had to remove your film from the competition.

We are sorry about the discomfort we may have caused you and we hope you’ll understand that this is our first edition and that the organization of the Festival has been a work in progress.

Anyway we’ll keep your film in consideration for other MAshRome events that will take place during the year and of which we will inform you.




Dear Festivalteam,

First of all, NO, please do not keep me in consideration for future projects.
I am not interested to work with people who treat artists like vegetable in a market, or for people for who a yes is a maybe and a no is a perhaps.

If your words:
Congratulations Lutz! Your film is in the MAshRome Film Fest competition!
are ment like this:
Congratulations Lutz! Your film could possibly be in the MAshRome Film Fest competition in case we do not find anything better but we are still discussing it.

Then say it like this. Or better, do not say anything, make a decision and then talk about it.

For an artist, this is a extremely embarrassing situation.

Sent back all my material on YOUR costs and put a 50€ for my efforts in the envelope.
Delete all my files on your servers.
Send back my signed contracts.
You are not allowed to show anything of my work anywhere at any time.


Lutz Garmsen